LED Module Outdoor LED Wall Panels P10


P10 Outdoor LED Panels


High cost-performance ratio

Durable and waterproof

High Cost-Performance Ratio


LED Module Outdoor LED Wall Panels P10


Outdoor Full Color IP65 P10 Capacitive SMD LED Screen Module

Key Features:

  1. Versatility: Our P10 outdoor LED panel module offers multiple features and a wide range of applications suitable for various outdoor environments, including billboards, sports venues, stage performances, and more.
  2. Addressing Customer Pain Points: By accurately grasping the pain points of customers, our Outdoor Capacitive P10 SMD LED Screen Module has gained support and praise from the majority of customers in the market.

Main Features:

  • High Definition Images: Utilizing SMD technology, the P10 outdoor LED panel module delivers outstanding image quality and high brightness, ensuring clear visibility of content even in outdoor sunlight with vibrant colors.
  • Durable & Waterproof: Designed with IP65 waterproof rating, ensuring stable operation in harsh weather conditions, whether it’s hot summers or rainy seasons, providing reliable performance.
  • Remote Control: Supports remote control system, enabling easy management and updating of display content via the network for instant ad publishing and content adjustments, enhancing operational convenience and efficiency.
  • Energy-efficient & Eco-friendly: Adopting advanced LED technology, low power consumption, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly, aligning with sustainable development principles while reducing operational costs.
  • Reliability: Undergoing strict quality control and stability tests to ensure product reliability and long-term stable operation, providing customers with lasting value and trust.


  • Outdoor Billboards: Ideal for commercial advertising, brand promotion, etc., attracting pedestrians and vehicles’ attention, enhancing brand exposure and influence.
  • Sports Venues: Used as match information display screens or sponsor billboards, providing better viewing experiences for spectators.
  • Stage Performances: Used for stage backdrops, special effects, etc., adding visual impact to performances, enhancing performance effects and audience satisfaction.

Our P10 outdoor LED panel module is the ideal choice for your outdoor display needs, offering excellent performance and broad application prospects. Feel free to inquire for more information.




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SMD3535 RGB Full color

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