About Us

Who We Are

Dream Light is a team that passionate about LED Strip Light and LED Panel. We cherish the opportunity to earn your business. It is our pleasure to answer your questions about LED Strip and LED panel products, help you find the right product to meet your budget.

Quality and Performance

Found in 2012, Dream Light start to manufacture LED Strip and LED panel  products for customers. The goal of Dream Light is providing quality LED technology, great customer service and superior technical support to our customers.

Our superior quality flexible PCBs (printed circuit boards) and automated SMT equipment ensure a top notch product that runs cooler and lasts longer, and we use binned LED chips that are sorted to ensure the highest level of consistency and luminous efficacy.

Consistency and Reliability

Our commercial electrician, contractor, and OEM manufacturing customers have been buying from us for years because they know our product has unmatched consistency. We recognize that you don’t want to worry about changing dimensions, color temperatures varying, products not being available anymore, or unreliable customer service.

Customizable LED Strips

LED color, 12 volt or 24 volt DC voltage options and IP65 and IP68 waterproofing levels are just the start. We do custom strip width, brightness, PCB color, CRI, match specific brand colors, manufacture custom lengths, pre-install custom connectors, and make virtually any other customization that you can think of. Contact us for details.

Factory Tour

Free sample available for your LED project!

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