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White LED Strip Lights

Dream Light’s 3528 Ra95 white flexible strip is the best selling series. You can choose quality White LED Strip and LED tape light in DC12V or DC24V. The white light color from warm white, natural white, pure or cool white.
White LED strips are energy-efficient and durable solution for under-cabinet lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, showcase lighting.

Addressable LED Strip

Dream Light’s addressable LED Strip has integrate or built-out IC that allow the separate brightness and color of each LEDs. Voltage DC5V, DC12V, DC24V available.  It also called pixel chasing led strip, water flow led strip or digital LED Strips.
The Addressable LED Strips are Perfect for home decor, events, and DIY projects, this strip offers vibrant colors, easy integration with popular controllers, and options for indoor and outdoor use. Enhance any space with our durable, flexible, and high-quality addressable LED strip.

LED Neon Lights

Dream Light’s LED Neon lights combine silicone tubing with a flexible LED strip, offering versatility in color, brightness, and lighting effects. The silicone tube is fire-resistant, environmentally friendly, and resistant to yellowing. Its flexibility and waterproof nature make it easy to bend and shape, perfect for DIY neon LED signs or letters. Ideal for both wet locations and outdoor applications, our LED Neon lights provide a vibrant and durable lighting solution.

LED Display Panel

Dream Light offer aviaries of LED Display Panel. Indoor and Outdoor LED panels, P1.25-P10– a versatile solution for vibrant digital displays.

Engineered for precise color control and exceptional brightness, it’s perfect for advertising, events, and signage. With seamless integration and robust construction, it delivers stunning visuals indoors and outdoors. Plus, its energy-efficient technology ensures reliability. Elevate your visual communication with our high-performance LED display module.

LED Wall Screen

LED Wall Screen – the ultimate solution for immersive digital displays. Featuring seamless panels and vibrant LED technology, our wall screens deliver stunning visuals with exceptional clarity and brightness. With customizable sizes and resolutions, they are perfect for a variety of applications, from advertising to entertainment venues. Easy to install and maintain, our LED wall screens offer a captivating viewing experience for any environment.

Cable, Connector, Power supply Accessory

Dream Light offers a comprehensive range of accessories for LED strips and display screens. This includes wires, ribbon cables, various connectors, terminals, and power supplies of various specifications. Whatever accessories you require, we can fulfill your needs. Other LED Accessories like LED Controllers, LED Dimmers are offered. Use our different types of high quality Mean Well and dimmable transformers and drivers for your next LED Lighting project.

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