What is Addressable led strip?

Addressable LED Strip lights

Digital RGB LED Strip Lights utilize onboard IC chips that allows the user to fully customize color, brightness, speed, and timing of individual lights through DMX software or pre-programmed controllers. Digital LED Light strip also called addressable LED Strip light, programmable led tape light. Our Digital RGB LED Ribbon Lighting Strips come in both water-resistant and non water-resistant.

Addressable IC led strip, the IC chip on the strip is not an ordinary constant current IC, but an IC chip can be regarded as a pixel.

This IC chip has its own address and can be controlled by receiving controller signals. The signal sent to it can control the level output for different positions of the LED, such as flashing, chasing, jumping, clockwise horse racing, counterclockwise horse racing, monochrome horse racing, color-changing horse, single chasing from head to Tail, flowing water, simulated lightning and the like.

The effect of the change of the light strip can be written according to the needs of the customer and can be displayed in the form of a screen, text, letters, pictures, animations, and the like. Common IC chips on the market mainly include WS2811, WS2812, SK6812, P943, Ap102, DMX512 and so on.

The LEDs used in the addressable led strip can be monochromatic LED, RGB LED, or RGBW LEDs. The digital led strip has full dream color and program function. You can set the color and brightness mode through IC.

addressable LED Strip light

Different IC Type LED Strip


External IC, 12V 3LEDs/unit, 3Pin(VCC ,DATA, GND), No breakpoint transmission.


External IC, 12V 3LEDs/unit, 24V 6LEDs/unit, 3Pin(VCC ,DATA, GND), No breakpoint transmission.


External IC, 12V 3LEDs/unit, 4Pin(VCC ,DATA1, DATA2, GND), Yes breakpoint transmission.


External IC, 5V 1LEDs/unit, 12V 3LEDs/unit, 24V 6LEDs/unit, 4Pin(VCC ,DATA1, DATA2, GND), Yes breakpoint transmission.


Built-in IC, 5V 1LEDs/unit, 3Pin(VCC ,DATA, GND), No breakpoint transmission.


Built-in IC, 5V 1 LEDs/unit, 4Pin(VCC ,DATA1,DATA2, GND), Yes breakpoint transmission.


Built-in IC, 12V 1LEDs/unit, 4Pin(VCC ,DATA1,DATA2, GND), Yes breakpoint transmission.


Built-in IC, 5V 1LEDs/unit, 12V 1LEDs/unit, 24V 6LEDs/unit, 4Pin(VCC ,DATA1,DATA2, GND), Yes breakpoint transmission.


Built-in IC, 12V 1LEDs/unit, 4Pin(VCC ,DATA1,DATA2, GND), Yes breakpoint transmission.


External IC, 12V 3LEDs/unit, 24V 6LEDs/unit, 5Pin(VCC ,DATA1,DATA2,ADD, GND), Yes breakpoint transmission.


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