What is CCT Tunable White LED Strips? And how to install CCT LED Strip?

Turnable white 3528 LED Strip 120leds per meter

CCT means Correlated Color Temperature, which means that the color temperature of the led strip lights can be adjusted to change between warm white color and white color.


Our Tunable White LED strips allow users to adjust the CCT of a light source to their desired color temperature. Through a controller you can select any color temperature in between 2700K-6500K. The strips have a powerful 2-in-1 package, with a warm white LED chip mounted inside of the same package with a cool white LED chip. The strips are available in 12V and 24V configurations, use the 24V LED strip for larger projects and to complete long runs. 

The Advantage of Tunable White LED Strip

 Tunable white technology allows one fixture to have multiple white tones, ranging from very warm white to cool white. Tunable white LED strips allow users to adjust the correlated color temperature (CCT) of the light source through a controller or computerized lighting automation system.

Tunable white technology is being adapted in schools, work spaces, and hospitals to improve productivity, comfort, and health of individuals.

 Warm lighting is associated with a warm and cozy feeling, it can help induce sleepiness and enhances the comfort of the space. Cool lighting, on the other hand, is associated with alertness and productivity. Since humans are adapted to the varying correlated color temperatures of daylight throughout the typical day, studies have shown that humans are healthier when the artificial source of lighting in their home, workspace, and school is varied throughout the day. In hospitals, tunable white lighting is becoming the hallmark of an improved patient experience, patients in hospitals with tunable white lighting systems are reporting a better quality of life!

When using lighting to assist in maintaining your circadian rhythm, you’ll likely be more productive and have better sleep. Your body uses sunlight to tell when certain things should happen, such as waking up or sleeping. So, if you’re indoors most of the day, circadian rhythm lighting can help your body function at its best and then start winding down at the right time to help you have the best sleep at night.

Use our tunable white LED strips, control solutions, and it’s easy to “tune” the colour to suit your room or mood.

How to install CCT LED Strip?

We design, configure, and program bespoke color temperature changing CCT LED controlling systems.

You need a LED Controller to make your color temperature changing CCT LED Strips an intelligent lighting system. The CCT LED controller will allow you to select thousands of different color temperatures and program scenes (eg. Morning Scene: CCT= 6500K) and (Evening Scene: CCT=3000K).

Here is a brief view of how to install CCT White LED Strip light:


connection of cct led strip light


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