Common Types LED Light Strips in the Market

led strip light types

Common Types LED Light Strips in the Market

Here are some common LED light strips you may find in the market and a brief description of each.

2835 LED Strip

This strip is 2.8mm x 3.5mm in size. Though it is small, it packs quite a punch when it comes to brightness. This strip is great for lighting tight spaces. Its compact size makes it perfect for residential lighting projects. Our 2835 LED strips are available in 30, 60, 120 and 180 LEDs per meter. You can choose our Ultra Slim 2835 LED light strips for lighting smaller spaces. We also offer 2835 Grow Lights that help you grow your plants.

3528 LED Strip

This is the most common LED strip found in the market. With a size of 3.5mm x 2.8mm, these LED tapes are very versatile. You can use them backlighting, accent lighting, under-cabinet lighting and more. They are not as bright as other LED strips on this list, but that’s what makes them great for applications like color splashing walls. 3528 LED strips at Dream Light, it can be easily customized. Our LED strips are fully dimmable and you can also find 3528 LED strips with adjustable CCT.

5050 LED Strip

5050 LED tape lights are just behind 3528 LED strips in popularity. These tape lights are 5.0mm x 5.0mm in size and are three times as bright as 3528 strip lights. The 5050 LED chips are bigger in size and pack a greater punch. However, the bigger size means you can only fit a limited number of these chips on a single strip. These tape lights are great for applications where a lot of ambient lighting is needed.
The 5050 SMD is actually a ‘tri’ chip, meaning it has three smaller chips in every SMD. 5050s can also be used for colour-changing LED tape, with red, green and blue chips inside each LED. By linking this type of RGB LED strip light to a controller, you can mix any shade of any colour you choose. (RGBW tape is similar, but uses ‘quad’ LEDs, with an additional white chip.) This makes them great for RGB applications.

At Dream Light, we provide 5050 LED strips in single color, 4-in-1, and 5-in-1 RGBW combinations.

3014 LED  Strip

A recent development, 3014 SMD LED chips are much smaller and much more efficient than many earlier SMD models. The smaller size of the diodes (just 3.0mm x 1.4mm) means it’s possible to fit more of them on a length of PCB strip – offering more brightness, without the need for more power.

At Dream Light, we use 3014 SMDs in the manufacture of our specialized  Side view lighting. Their compact size allows LEDs emitting lighting concentrated in a row, which help us easy to make some shapes, especially the signs or logos. 


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