How are LED strip lights manufactured?

Dream Light-Production process-How to make LED Strip Lights

It’s all in the details

Nowadays, there are hundreds of LED strip suppliers listed on amazon, sold through electrical distributors, or specified by architects. It’s difficult to know which strips should will last long time in your home or business, and which should be classified as disposable (lasting only a few months to a year).

At first glance, it is difficult to discern, but with the information below, you will be prepared to ask any LED supplier educated questions when determining the quality of a product. If you plan to use a product for many years in your home, business, or OEM project, it is essential that you ask your suppliers to back up their quality claims with data and science. If you are looking to manufacture your own LEDs at scale, or make your own LED strip lights at home, here is an overall guide filled with the concepts you should be familiar with.

Read this to find out what makes a high-quality strip lights. Dream Light is a professional manufacturer that quality focused manufacturing process to create the best strip lights in the market.

The following is our Dream Light LEDs method (condensed)

        1. Understand and order your components
        2. IPQC the components
        3. Dry the LEDs
        4. Create and use solder molds
        5. Apply lead-free tin solder paste onto the base PCB
        6. Semi-finished test
        7. Placement of components on solder pads
        8. Color Consistency test
        9. Bake the strip in a reflow oven to secure all components
        10. Separate and join the 0.5m strip segments together
        11. The tape is applied to the back of the PCB
        12. Soldering wire leads and connectors onto each strip
        13. Glue and heat shrink is applied to wire solder points
        14. Waterproofing and weatherproofing for IP65 to IP68 rated strip lights
        15. Extrusion procesure
        16. Age Testing
        17. Quality Control testing
        18. Parameter testing
        19. Consistant temperature and Humidity test
        20. Rolled neatly onto a reel
        21. Warehouse
        22. Shipment


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