Digital RGB LED Strip P943 IC Smart 5050 flexible Lights

Addressable RGB Led Strip

60LEDs/Meter Flex LED Tape

DC12V/DC24V optional

Built-in IC P943

Breakpoint continuous transmission

1-3 year warranty

Addressable full color

Digital RGB LED Strip P943 IC Smart 5050 flexible Lights

DL-P943FX60RGB-12V/24V Digital RGB LED Strip Lights utilize onboard IC chips that allows the user to fully customize color, brightness, speed, and timing of individual lights through DMX software or pre-programmed controllers. Digital LED Light strip also called addressable LED Strip light, programmable led tape light.

This IC chip has its own address and can be controlled by receiving controller signals. The signal sent to it can control the level output for different positions of the LED, such as flashing, chasing, jumping, clockwise horse racing, counterclockwise horse racing, monochrome horse racing, color-changing horse, single chasing from head to Tail, flowing water, simulated lightning and the like.

Adhesive-backed 10 mm wide strip with high-power RGB5050 SMD LEDs and 12VDC/24VDC operation.

The Digital RGB LED strip lights can be cut into segments 3LEDS(12V)/6LEDS(24V) and are dimmable.

4Pin(VCC ,DATA1,DATA2, GND). YES breakpoint transmission.

Indoor and weatherproof strips have 3M double-sided tape on the back which makes installation as easy as peel n stick.

Our Digital RGB LED Ribbon Lighting Strips come in both water-resistant and non water-resistant.Waterproof must be mounted using silicone glue or mounting clips.

LED Controller (Wifi or bluetooth app control) are available at Dream Light.

Home decoration lighting
Exhibition hall lighting
Hotel lobbies lighting
Bar club lighting
Patio an Garden lighting
Architectural building lighting
Automotive lighting
Boat lighting
Car Lighting Motorcycle lighting
Atmosphere Lighting


Input Voltage


Power Consumption


LED Chip type

High quality RGB5050 8Pin

LED Density



Double side White FPC

Emitting Color

RGB Changable

PCB Width


Switch Mode:

Remote Control, Manual Button

Cuttable Segments


Beam Angle

120 Degree

Operating Temperature



3M Adhesive

Pixel Point:


IC type

Built-in IC P943


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