P10 Normal Outdoor Series LED Module, Full RGB 10mm Pixel Pitch LED Tile 320*160mm, 4500 Nits for Outdoor Display


P10 Outdoor LED Panels


High cost-performance ratio

Durable and waterproof

High Cost-Performance Ratio


P10 Normal Outdoor Series LED Module, Full RGB 10mm Pixel Pitch LED Tile 320*160mm, 4500 Nits for Outdoor Display

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Product Description:

Elevate your outdoor display capabilities with the P10 Normal Outdoor Series LED Module. Featuring a full RGB configuration and a 10mm pixel pitch, this LED tile measures 320mm by 160mm, boasting 512 dots for vibrant and detailed visuals. With a 8S scan rate and a peak brightness of 4500 nits, this module ensures clear visibility even in bright outdoor environments.

Key Features:

  • High Definition Display: The P10 module offers a 10mm pixel pitch, delivering sharp and detailed images suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Full RGB Color: Capable of displaying a wide range of colors for dynamic and engaging content.
  • Optimized for Outdoor Use: With a robust design and high brightness of 4500 nits, it ensures excellent visibility in various lighting conditions.
  • Efficient Scan Rate: Operates at a 4 scan rate, balancing performance and energy efficiency.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward installation and maintenance, ideal for signage and advertising displays.


  • Outdoor Advertising: Perfect for digital billboards, outdoor signage, and promotional displays.
  • Event Signage: Ideal for concerts, festivals, and outdoor events requiring large-scale displays.
  • Architectural Lighting: Enhance building facades and structures with dynamic lighting effects.
  • Sports Venues: Display live scores, advertisements, and sponsor messages at sports stadiums and arenas.


  • Pixel Pitch: 10mm
  • Module Size: 320mm x 160mm
  • Pixel Density: 512 dots
  • Scan Mode: 8S
  • Brightness: 4500 nits
  • Color Capability: Full RGB
  • Protection Rating: IP65

Transform outdoor spaces with the powerful performance and versatility of the P10 Normal Outdoor Series LED Module. Perfect for enhancing visibility and engagement in outdoor environments, this module is an excellent choice for businesses, event organizers, and advertisers seeking impactful digital displays.



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SMD3535 RGB Full color

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