What’s the Advantage of LED NEON Light?

LED NEON Light-Dream Light

The development history of neon lights is relatively long. It first appeared in 1900. At the French exhibition, the neon lights at that time were gas lights, filled with thin neon gas or other energized glass tubes or bulbs, and were a cold cathode gas discharge. light.

After a long-term development of neon lights, to the present LED flexible neon light strips, in 2015, silicone extrusion process waterproof light strips began to appear on the market, and neon light strips have been fully upgraded. The environmental protection performance of silica gel, strong flexibility, anti-uv, Wider working temperature, resistance to yellowing, acid and alkali, low light decay, good light transmittance and other excellent characteristics, brand new production technology.

LED flexible neon light is a noble professional linear lighting decoration product. It looks like an ordinary neon light, but it can be bent arbitrarily. This product is shatter-resistant and waterproof, and can be used indoors and outdoors. Compared with glass neon tubes, flexible neon tubes have the following advantages:

  1. Traditional neon lights have a large investment, complex manufacturing process, and many inconveniences when using off-duty tubes, high-voltage electricity and inert gases. The flexible neon light adopts a brand-new structure and LED technology. The bright LED bulb is covered by a special PVC shell. The use of unique optical technology and a special shell design not only increases the intensity and uniformity of the light, but also reduces the process flow and improves Increased production efficiency.
  2. High-brightness, the light source is made of imported ultra-high-brightness LEDs in series. The encrypted arrangement of 80LED/meter or 90LED/meter is the cornerstone of the overall luminous effect and high brightness.
  3. Longevity and durability: On the basis of LED technology, with a new structure, this lamp can reach an ultra-long service life of tens of thousands of hours under any circumstances. Compared with glass neon lamps, there is no doubt about its durability, because fundamentally There is no need to consider the broken problem of glass neon lights (PVC plastic lamp body).
  4. Energy saving: The flexible full-body lamp belt can save more than 70% of the energy consumption cost.
  5. Traditional neon lights use a transformer to boost the voltage of 220V to 15000V to excite the inert gas in the glass tube, and emit monochromatic light along the outline of the font pattern. Two sets of glass tubes are needed for two colors. The font is too large and the stroke is not bright; it is too small and too complicated to be processed. The working voltage of the flexible neon lamp is only 24V, which only emits low heat. It can also be cut to any length during installation and bend into different shapes (can be bent to a circle with a radius of only 4cm). It is convenient to use special rails and different materials. The surfaces are installed together, such as wood, plastic, steel or wall, and can be designed and decorated in different patterns according to the needs of the designer.
NEON LED Flexible light


  1. Interior design, such as decoration of home, hotel, KTV, bar, disco, club etc.
  2. Architectural design, such as decorative lighting of buildings, edge lighting decoration etc.
  3. Advertisement project, such as outdoor illuminated signs, billboard decoration etc.
  4. Display design, such as decoration of drinks cabinet, shoe cabinet, jewelry counter etc.
  5. Underwater lighting engineering, such as decoration of fish tank, aquarium, fountain etc.
  6. Car decoration, such as motorcar chassis, inside and outside of car, Ships, boats and trucks, car outline lighting high brake decoration etc.

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