When to Use 12V-24V-48V-230V LED Strips?

When to Use 12V-24V-48V-230V LED Strips?

The voltage selection of LED strips is crucial for different applications. Here are some guidelines:


12V Voltage: For very short sections of LED strips, such as up to 1 meter in length, it is recommended to use 12V strips like our DC12V White LED Strips. This is because 12V strips usually have shorter cutting lengths (especially in strips with fewer LEDs per meter), which allows for maximum customization of the desired luminaire size without leaving shadows at the ends due to cutting length adjustments.



24V Voltage: For luminaires with a length of up to about 10-15 meters (depending on the power of the LED strip and if it has a current stabilizer), it is better to use 24V strips like our DC24V Addressable LED Strips. This is because 24V strips experience less voltage drop, which results in a progressive loss of luminosity compared to lower voltage options.

GS8208 RGB Addressable 5050 LED Strip Light

48V Voltage: For lengths of up to 25 meters, using 48V strips is a great option. These strips allow for illumination of up to 25-30 meters when fed from one end (open circuit), and up to 50 meters when fed from both sides (closed circuit). However, it’s worth noting that these strips are at the limit of what is considered very low voltage, and are subject to different regulations compared to strips that work with higher voltage options like 230V.



230V Voltage: Finally, for applications where an external power supply is not desired, 230V strips like our Infinity series are recommended. These strips can be used for lengths of up to 50 meters (only fed from one side), with minimal voltage drop. However, it’s important to note that 230V strips may have significant flickering, which makes them unsuitable for continuous work areas such as offices, but they are perfect for perimeter lighting in buildings, corridors, and similar spaces. It’s crucial to always use 230V strips that are filled with silicone inside, in addition to having an outer silicone cover, to prevent water or moisture from entering and causing potential issues.

At Dream Light, we have been working with LED strips since 2009 and have extensive expertise in providing professional advice. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need further assistance in selecting the appropriate LED strip for your specific application.

In conclusion, the choice of voltage for LED strips depends on the length of the luminaire and the specific requirements of the application. 12V strips are suitable for very short sections, while 24V and 48V strips are recommended for longer lengths with varying degrees of voltage drop. 230V strips are ideal for applications where an external power supply is not desired, but they should be used with caution due to potential flickering issues. It’s important to consider the regulations and regulations associated with different voltage options and always seek professional advice to ensure safe and effective use of LED strips in your lighting projects.


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