How to apply LED linear lights?

What is LED linear light?

LED linear light is a led strip light that packaged together in a long, narrow housing. This design has revolution the way LED Strip light that used in lighting application. Due to the marketing needs, the linear light has become more affordable and popular.

With the continuous improvement of led technology, the appearance and performance of linear lights are constantly improving. Linear light elements are applied to more and more lighting scenes. The compact and efficient lighting increases the sensory experience and the visual artistic effect of the space.

Today we will talk about the following issues.

  1. The specific application of linear lighting.
    What is the application effect of linear lighting in different scenes?
    The detail display of the linear lighting and the specific installation process.

NO.1 The Specific application of LED linear lighting

The functions of LED linear lighting are both for lighting and visual art. The size, CCT of the led strip light, plus the housing and the control system, they can change when installed in different space.

Nowadays, the led linear lighting is widely used in office field, commercial space, home space, industrial lighting and other scenes.

Also it is widely used in bar, kitchen, clothing store, hairdresser, bookstore, retail store, reception, bedroom, dance studio, gym, aisle, ceiling and so on.


LED Linear lighting characteristics

Convenient installation: no trouble after embedded installation;
Soft light: true color restoration, bright and full color;
Customizable length: the size can be cut according to the lighting requirements;
No border: after the installation is completed, there is no frame, more overall and more fashionable and avant-garde.

  • Color temperature effect 

Linear lights can adjust the light brightness and color temperature according to the scene and design needs. This can be better provide lighting and ambiance rendering for the space.

No.2 LED Linear Light Scene Application Effect

LED Linear lighting is not only for light bout also for art installation. LED linear light is very aesthetically pleasing, meticulous. LED linear light not only play the basic lighting role, but also can highlight the great artistic impact.

  • Office Space – LED Linear Lighting Applications

Through linear lighting changes, space is given agility while also giving a clean, bright and comfortable feel. As functional, customizable products, linear luminaires will become the first choice of designers in office space design.

  • Commercial Space – LED Linear Lighting Applications

LED Linear lights are also widely used in commercial spaces, giving people a bright, rhythmic sense of rhythm. Through the light can easily create an overall atmosphere, in space design, linear light is an essential decorative element.

  • Aisle space scene– LED Linear Lighting Applications

Through the ingenious change of light and shadow and the contrast of light and shade, the whole building is full of interest and vitality, bringing excellent visual effect.

The light is gradually arranged along the corresponding space outline, and the unique geometric or curved shape is concave with the wall.

  • Home Space –LED Linear Lighting Applications

Led Linear lighting is beautiful appearance, rich specifications, customization, flexible installation, energy-saving, and environmental protection. With these advantages, the LED linear lighting is becoming an important means to achieve home lighting. Using light as a brush outlines the thick and thin suitable texture space.

  • Stairs-LED Linear Lighting Applications

The lighting space is brought by linear lights, which not only enriches the space context, but also creates a visual sense of light and shade, virtual and real contrast.

  • Baseboard-LED Linear Lighting Applications

With the evolution of technology and shape, Linear lighting continue to improve and enrich. LED light tape through the floor diffuse reflection of light, so that the use of both function and lighting.

  • Cabinet- LED Linear Lighting Applications

LED Linear light apply to bookcase, wardrobe, wine cabinet and other positions. While meeting the lighting function, ignite the entire space atmosphere, grab people’s visual focus, and create a light, smart and exquisite space context.

No.3 The detail display of the linear lighting and the specific installation process.

1.Installation of linear lights in stairwell

The linear lamp of the stairwell belongs to indirect lighting, night lighting and guidance, can also make the space have a sense of hierarchy.

Installation of linear lights for stair handrails:
A, During the period of hydropower construction, the wall slotted to reserve power lines;
B, Buy LED Strip light to install and fix.
Ps: Consider electricity safety (IP65 protection grade, DC12V/24V low voltage)

Installation of linear lights for stair:
A, during the period of hydropower construction, reserve the power circuit;
B, Slotting the bottom of the stair, install the LED profile.
Ps: Considering the safety, select the waterproof and low voltage led strip light.

  1. Installation of linear lights on the celling

Installation process of linear lights on the celling:
A, during the period of hydropower construction, slotted the ceiling to reserve power lines;
B, install aluminum profile embedded parts before painting;
C, painting to cover the edge of aluminum profile, adhesive the led strip lights, then cover the pc cover;
Ps: 1.The LED driver needs the corresponding space to place (can be set near the ceiling manhole)

Ps: 2.The cover of aluminum profile needs to be sealed with tape, after painting, the tape can be opened. This can help a complete linear lighting effect.

  1. Installation of linear lighting on the cabinet

Installation process:

Slotting the plate

Fix the aluminum housing

Adhesive the led strip light

Cover the PC cover

Adjust the lighting.

For the linear light, the inside light can be flexible led strip light and rigid led strip light. So what is the difference?

1.The LED strip light can be divided into Flexible LED Strip light and Rigid LED Strip Light. The difference is that the PCB. The Flexible LED Strip use the soft FPC as the assembly circle board, and can be bent. While the Rigid LED Strip light used the hard PCB, and cannot be bent at all.

  1. The linearity of Rigid LED Strip light is better, it is more convenient for fixing and installation. It is suitable for applying to a more spacious space, and it can show better luminous consistency.
  2. The Voltage of the led strip light can be divided into two types: general voltage and driving voltage. General voltage is high voltage, 110V, 220V, 277V, etc, different area with different high voltage. The driving voltage is DC12V or DC24V. Corresponding to the adapter, the driving voltage is safe and reliable.
  3. Compared with the flexible led strip light, the rigid led strip is made of aluminum PCB, which has better heat dissipation and bigger wattage.
  4. The disadvantage of the rigid led strip is that it can not be bent at will and is not suitable for irregular places.
  1. The FPC material is soft, can be bent, folded and wound at will, and can be moved and stretched at will in three-dimensional space without breaking. The Flexible led strip is suitable for irregular places and narrow spaces. It is widely used for any combination of patterns in advertising decoration.

So when choose the led strip light, the application is the important factor you should consider.

LED light strip has gradually come to the fore in a variety of decoration industries because of its long life (generally normal life is 8 ~ 100000 hours) and green environmental protection. LED light strip have been widely used in furniture, automobile, advertising, lighting, shipping and other industries.


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