5V WS2812B RGB Pixel LED Strip – Programmable, Addressable, 60 LEDs/m, White PCB


WS2812B RGB Pixel LED Strip

DC5V, 5050 RGB LED

60led/meter, White PCB

individually addressable led strip

1-3 year warranty

5V WS2812B RGB Pixel LED Strip – Programmable, Addressable, 60 LEDs/m, White PCB

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The WS2812B RGB LED strip you’re describing is a versatile and popular choice for programmable lighting projects. Here are some key details about this type of LED strip:

  1. Voltage and Power: Operates at 5V DC. Each WS2812B LED integrates a control circuit and RGB chip, which allows it to be individually addressable and programmable.
  2. LED Density: Typically comes in 60 LEDs per meter (60 LEDs/m), though other densities are also available (such as 30 LEDs/m or 144 LEDs/m).
  3. Control and Programming: Requires a microcontroller (such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or dedicated LED controllers) to control each LED individually. The WS2812B LEDs use a single data line to control color and brightness for each LED.
  4. Color and Effects: Capable of displaying a wide range of colors (RGB) and can be programmed to create various lighting effects, animations, and patterns.
  5. Installation: Mounted on a flexible strip with adhesive backing, typically with a white PCB (Printed Circuit Board), which can be cut at specified intervals (usually every LED) to fit different lengths.
  6. Usage: Commonly used in projects such as ambient lighting, decorative lighting, dynamic visual displays, and wearable electronics due to their flexibility and programmability.
  7. Compatibility: Ensure the power supply can handle the current draw of the LED strip, especially when using longer lengths or higher densities. Each LED can consume up to 60mA at full brightness (white), so power calculations are important for longer installations.

When working with WS2812B LED strips, it’s crucial to understand the programming requirements (such as using libraries like Adafruit NeoPixel or FastLED), power considerations, and the control protocol (often based on sending data in a specific timing sequence).

If you have specific project requirements or need further details on programming these LED strips, feel free to ask!


Weight 0.2 kg
Input Voltage


LED Chip type

Full RGB Color 5050 LED

LED Density



Double side White FPC

Emitting Color

Full RGB color

PCB Width


Cuttable Segments


Beam Angle

120 Degree

Operating Temperature



3M Adhesive

Pixel Point:

1 point/LED

Grey scale



8-bits/color;total 24bit for RGB color


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