DMX512 White Monochrome Strip Light 2835 LED Strip with Chasing Effects


DMX512 2835 White Monochrome Pixel LED Strip

24VDC 120LEDs/Meter Flex LED Tape

Double signal,high brightness

1-3 year warranty

Addressable full color

DMX512 White Monochrome Strip Light 2835 LED Strip with Chasing Effects


Embark on a journey into a realm of mesmerizing illumination with our extraordinary offering, the DMX512 White Monochrome Strip Light with Chasing Effects. This lighting solution not only showcases exceptional lighting performance but also provides unparalleled control, creating an unforgettable visual spectacle for your venue or event.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Lighting Effects: The DMX512 White Monochrome Strip Light utilizes advanced LED technology to deliver bright, uniform, and long-lasting white lighting effects. Whether for stage performances, parties, weddings, or exhibitions, it produces stunning light and shadow effects that leave a lasting impression.
  2. Chasing Effects: This strip light features captivating chasing effects, producing fluid and continuously changing patterns of light. The dynamic nature of these effects adds vibrancy and a touch of modernity to your space, effortlessly capturing the attention of your audience.
  3. DMX512 Control: With the DMX512 control system, you have precise control over brightness, colors, and pattern variations. This flexible control mechanism allows for customization, enabling seamless integration of the lighting effects with music or other elements.
  4. Easy Installation and Operation: The DMX512 White Monochrome Strip Light is designed for hassle-free installation and user-friendly operation. Its intuitive interface ensures effortless setup, even for users without specialized knowledge.
  5. Durability and Reliability: Crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous manufacturing processes, this strip light offers durability and reliability. It maintains exceptional performance even during prolonged usage, providing long-lasting lighting effects.

Whether it’s for stage performances, parties, bars, shopping malls, or any other venues, the DMX512 White Monochrome Strip Light with Chasing Effects is an exceptional choice. It infuses boundless creativity and a unique ambiance into your space, immersing everyone in the enchantment of light and shadow. Whether you want to create a romantic atmosphere or craft an exhilarating stage presence, this strip light is the perfect solution.

Input Voltage


Power Consumption


LED Chip type

High quality SMD2835

LED Density



Double side White FPC

Emitting Color


PCB Width


Switch Mode:

Remote Control, Manual Button

Cuttable Segments


Beam Angle

120 Degree

Operating Temperature



3M Adhesive

Pixel Point:


IC type



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