DMX512 RGB Addressable LED Strip Light 5050 30 LED

Pixel DMX512 LED Strip

12VDC 30LEDs/Meter Flex LED Tape

Double signal, 256 gray scale high brightness, 24-bit color

Breakpoint continuous transmission

1-3 year warranty

Addressable full color

DMX512 RGB Addressable LED Strip Light 5050 30 LED


The five-line DMX512 international standard protocol uses a 12mm wide board and provides 256 levels of grayscale through a controller. It can achieve various effects, such as gradient, flow, scrolling, text, numbers, English, images, animations, etc. One of the advantages of this protocol is that it supports address programming and adopts a parallel transmission protocol, which means that the damage of one or multiple points will not affect the normal operation of other points.

Product features:

  1. Control principle: One IC controls one LED to form a circuit (one group). The controller controls the circuit inside the FPCB by controlling the IC, thereby controlling the LED light strip to display different effects such as blinking, chasing, transition, clockwise and counterclockwise horse racing, single color horse racing, color-changing horse racing, single LED chasing from head to tail, flowing, simulated lightning, etc. The changing effects of this light strip are not limited to the 94 built-in effects of the controller and can be customized according to customer needs. When arranged in a screen, it can display text, letters, images, animations, and more.
  2. Environmental safety: High-quality and high-brightness SMD 5050 LED is used, which consumes less power, produces less heat, and is non-glare, shock-resistant, and safe. It uses low-voltage DC 5V and 12V power supply.
  3. Rich and diverse colors that can be adjusted by the controller according to customer needs.
  4. Long lifespan: The average lifespan is up to 50,000 hours.
  5. Easy and free trimming and welding: Each group of LEDs can form a circuit, and it can be cut and welded along the tangent line to meet various requirements of the customer for the length of the light strip.
  6. Flexible: It uses a flexible FPCB board as a substrate, which can be freely docked, bent, cut, and fixed to any concave or convex surface.


Input Voltage


Power Consumption


LED Chip type

High quality SMD5050 RGB

LED Density



Double side White/Black FPC

Emitting Color

Pixel RGB

PCB Width


Cuttable Segments


Beam Angle

120 Degree

Operating Temperature



3M Adhesive

Pixel Point:


IC type


IC Qty



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